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About Parkpnp is a cloud-based software parking company with a complimentary suite of enterprise applications focused on parking.

Marketplace offers a marketplace for commercial and residential parking across Europe.

Our unique approach allows local governments, parking companies, hotels, real estate companies, local businesses & homeowners to make money from their parking space.

By providing motorists, with the widest selection of spaces in the market, Parkpnp ensures drivers the best value & most convenient parking choices. Saving drivers up to 70% on the cost of parking and valuable time they would otherwise spend driving around looking for a spare space.

Parkpnp’s marketplace is trusted by 40,000+ drivers all over the world.

B2B as a cloud-based software parking company has a suite of solutions for every type of corporate parking situation. Our cutting edge software and hardware technology help companies implement revolutionary revenue or cost-saving solutions to save thousands on parking annually.

From parking more people in the same spaces with our parking management tool ParkOffice.

All the way to helping companies to implement barriers and enforcement solutions. has a solution for every type of corporate parking issue, offering companies the ability to maximise their spaces!

Updated on: 07/02/2019

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