After a booking has commenced, Parkpnp allows listers to choose amongst two standardised cancellation policies (Full or Partial Refund) that we enforce to protect both listers and bookers.

1. Before the booking commences

You can cancel the booking at any time via the bookings tab, on your Parkpnp account.

2. After the booking commences

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel the booking after the start time commences.

In the event there were unforeseen circumstances which keep you from parking at the location you booked to park at, you need to contact the Parkpnp customer support team to discuss a refund or fill in the Booking Refund Request Form.

You may only submit a refund request in the first 24 hours of your booking start time. We hold all funds for 24 hours before releasing them to the space owner so after this time frame, we will not be able to issue you a refund.

The lister will decide whether or not to refund the booker a full or partial refund.

In some cases, the lister may opt not to provide a booker with a full or partial refund. If the booker feels the issue(s) with their booking have not been addressed by the lister. The booker can contact Parkpnp customer support and request Parkpnp to make a final decision on the refund claim. Parkpnp will ask the booker to provide photographs or other documentation that show what they are experiencing, before making a decision on the refund claim, and will review the booker's refund claim on a case by case basis.

Submit a claim for refund

To submit a valid refund claim for your booking:
Contact us to bring the booking issue to our attention.
Fill in the booking refund request form.
Document your issue with photographs and other documentation evidence.

Parkpnp requires that you:

Have not directly/indirectly caused this issue.
Have made an attempt to contact the lister to remedy the circumstances prior to filing a refund claim, including message your lister on Parkpnp to notify them of the issue(s). We'll verify this in your account.
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